Life of A Project

raw part

Raw Part

Every project starts with a deep exploration of the unique geometry, material, and performance requirements of each part we process.

Racked on Tooling

Racked on Tooling

Parts are racked on custom tooling designed for the needs of the part and project. Our specialized tooling ensures precise masking and orientation as parts move through the process.

Surface Pretreatment


The right pretreatment is critical to our ability to obtain flawless, durable finishes. We’ve made an exact science out of preparing parts—both ferrous and nonferrous—for some of the most challenging applications in our industry.

automated coating of parts

Automated Powder Coating

Two fully automated coating lines—one for ferrous metals and one for nonferrous or multi-metal processing—give us unprecedented flexibility in materials and sizes, and unequalled speed in color changes.

Finished Part

Ready to Unrack

Quality is everything. We ensure great results by monitoring processes, tracking key data, and employing a range of quality testing to be sure our work consistently meets our customers’ performance standards.

Completed Part

Finished Part

Deep metallurgical knowledge and unsurpassed problem solving means we get results that our competitors cannot. It’s why companies consistently come back to us with their biggest challenges in substrates, part geometries, and powder-coat finishes.

final packaging of parts

Final Packaging

We use custom packaging designed around the geometry of each part to ensure our work gets to our customers exactly as it left our shop. Talk with us about how we can customize a project—from part to packaging—specifically designed around your needs in powder coating.


Contact us to find out how we can put decades of expert problem solving—for manufacturers in automotive, heavy equipment, appliance, contract furniture, retail display, medical devices, and more—to work for you.